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Expert training by a licensed, experienced instructor with proven success in the art of Eyelash Extensions.

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At Amazing Lashes we offers professional, experienced and knowledgeable Eyelash Extension Training and Certification to professionals. The art of eyelash extension application should never be learned by experimentation or watching an instructional DVD. LaTonya is a licensed cosmetologist, educator and a pioneer in the field of lash extensions bringing them to the valley over a ten years ago. LaTonya’s training experience is extensive, spanning over ten years. In addition to training top salons in many of the “beauty Schools” of the state’s such as Arizona, Chicago, and Las Vegas. She is one of the most sought after professionals in the country for both application and training.

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Become an Ace in Amazing Lashes after learning the fundamental methods for applying eyelash extension. In addition, the business building strategies necessary to becoming noticeably Amazing Lash Stylist are readily available. Endless supply of Amazing Lashes broad 2 days of 8-hour course, you will be granted an expert affirmation and get materials and all expedient helps and attentions. Amazing Lashes Certified Trainer is the leading professionals in the eyelash extension industry with extensive knowledge, tips, and skills to share. They are available for one-on-one private training at your defined destination or Amazing Lashes’ location in (state or country of your choice).

Eyelash Extenstion

Eyelash Extension is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that creates hairlike strokes to fill in sparse or thinning brows

“*All marketing materials are provided upon completion of certification Includes download link for the following forms: * Client Intake Forms Consent for Eyelash Procedure Release Form * All form links are provided upon completion of certification”

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Hey ,

You’ve probably been doing your homework and have found that there are TONS of Lash programs out there. I know it can seem overwhelming when you’re trying to pick one!

Each school has a different price, a different kit, a different curriculum and so many other things to consider!

How do you know you’re picking the best one? It’s a big decision!

Here’s 5 Hot Tips to look for when you’re doing your Lash Academy Shopping!

Unfortunately the Eyelash Extension Industry is NOT regulated in a lot of states. This is the reason that you see so many people teaching lashes. Doing your homework and selecting a reputable Lash Extension Program is SO Important.

The best way to research is to figure out what other people have to say about the course. 

Our manual has been developed by me. 

We have over 24 modules in our course and cover everything from intensive health and hygiene to proper and safe design and mapping techniques. Client consultations and health and history forms.

For your online training we include a FREE mini kit that has our Favorite hand picked Amazing Lashes Beauty Premium Products. These are the products you will need to pass your exam. You also have the option to upgrade and purchase our PREMIUM CLASSIC LASHING KIT.

Lashing is not something you can learn quickly. We have designed our program to get you up and running in two days or less, but we have created an ongoing support system to hold your hand over the course of the next 3-6 months as you develop your skills and business. So many people are shocked to learn how much theory goes into lashing and it is not something that can be taught in a couple hours or even one day.

Learning lash extensions is not something that can be accomplished in just one or two days – so make sure to ask if the program includes online training and ongoing education and support with your teacher. This is so important.

Once you finish your Amazing Lashes Training you will be added to an exclusive Alumni group where you will be a part of our tribe and community. You will have unlimited access to all of our Educators and Alumni and we will be there to help you every step of the way! We LOVE staying in touch with our students and helping them build their empire! You have more support than you’ll ever need. You can text our Lash Line at anytime and we have a team working to answer all of your questions and help analyze your skills to ensure you become the BEST.

Why not seek answers from unbiased people. Check out testimonials and reviews online and don’t be afraid to ask for student references. People who excel at their trade are people who are trained by the absolute best in their field so don’t be afraid to take the time to ask questions and to do your homework so you make sure you are off to the absolute best start in your lashing career!! 

Our graduates are so proud to say they trained with us! Check out our reviews (coming Soon)

Here at Amazing Lashes we are so proud of the QUALITY that we provide to all of our students. From our comprehensive manuals that are always being updated to stay current with our ever-changing industry, our incredible mentorship and on-going support, fully stocked starter packs, and affordable tuition we are proud to say that we are UNMATCHED in Arizona with the quality of training we provide.

We hope this helped you in making your decision!

Welcome to the Exciting, Fulfilling and Rewarding industry of Eyelash Extensions!

We can’t wait to see you in class!




Please note that all training fee payments are non-refundable. If for any reason you can not attend a training class due to a Medical or Legal issue you will not lose your money. You will have one year to reschedule for the training class with a $75 rescheduling fee.